How to Prepare for a Dance Audition
April 21st, 2019
Auditions are a fact of life for a dancer. They are a chance to show your skills and talent – all of the hard work you have been putting in to your training. No matter what you are auditioning for whether it be a level placement on your studio’s competition team, a music video or a major motion picture, they can feel overwhelming to prepare for. Here are some tips to help you get on to the right track before your next audition.
  1. Practice Regularly
It is important that you are constantly challenging yourself to become a versatile dancer. Take dance classes in multiple disciplines, consistently. While in class, take your training seriously to keep your technique up to par and in proper form. Perform – every exercise, all the time. Apply your corrections immediately and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of a particular step or combination. Taking classes in multiple styles also helps you to pick up choreography faster, testing your mental ability to pick up whatever is thrown out at you.
  1. Appearance and Grooming
This is extremely important and shows the judges that you’re serious about the audition and the role you’re auditioning for. You want to be polished in your look, wearing clothing that is appropriate for what you’re auditioning for. Slicked back hair, tights and a bodysuit if auditioning for a spot on a competitive team or dance company; researching the role if you’re auditioning for a music video or motion picture – what references have been provided by casting explaining the look and clothing expected?
  1. Be Healthy
Get lots of rest leading up to your audition – you want to be alert, and ready for anything the choreographer throws at you. A healthy diet is important to all dancers and ensures that your body is in the best physical form to execute all combinations and choreography to the best of your physical ability. A healthy diet in terms of physical activity outside of the studio is also important. Cardio training such as running, biking, or swimming and strength training matched with a healthy food diet is the perfect recipe for overall health as a dancer.
What should you eat leading up to your audition? A light meal one hour before and be sure to drink plenty of water. You want to fuel your body with the energy it needs to perform at its’ peak level.
  1. Arrive Early
You want to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time before the audition starts. Arriving early ensures that you have the time to warm-up and be prepared mentally – you want to get your head in the game! If you start to feel nervous, know that it’s only natural – we all get nervous, especially when it’s something so important to us or that we really want. Take a few slow, deep breaths and remind yourself of why you love to dance. Know that as long as you try your best and give it your all, the rest will take care of itself! You got this!
  1. Be Positive
Nobody likes a Negative Nancy – be a Positive Polly! You want to show the choreographer and others who are casting that you’re a team player; being open to helping those who may need a little extra help or push. T.E.A.MTogether Everyone Achieves More! There is no need to judge others so walk into the audition with an open and positive mind knowing that you’re all in the same room because you love to dance. The industry is so small, therefore you never know whom you may end up working with next – be kind and polite to everyone.
Following these steps will ensure your next audition is a positive and successful one. Keep your mind focused on the here and now and not what the results will be. If you don’t end up making the team you want or booking the gig, take it as a learning moment; ask the choreographer or director what you can do to help you in the future. Know that you’ve already done the majority of the work through your training – this is the time to show your skills and personality!